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Watermark Retirement Communities - History

The Watermark Vision

At Watermark, we're committed to creating extraordinary communities where people thrive.

We believe people thrive when they operate from their true Self, the powerful place in each of us where making a difference becomes more important than that fearful little voice that keeps us stuck in judgment, complaint and scarcity.

People thrive in our culture because they are committed to "playing big" by expressing their passions, making powerful commitments, being actively supportive, and creating breakthroughs for themselves, the organization and our industry.

At Watermark, people create meaningful connections by working toward a shared vision and extraordinary communities are formed. We call them Watermark communities.


Operating Principles
Every day, in every action, our operating principles help guide us as we create extraordinary communities where people thrive.

Create and celebrate success
Success is achieved in many ways – financial, innovation, programming, wellness... Make it happen and celebrate along the way.

Come from abundance
View life through the lens of possibility and opportunity. That is where breakthroughs occur.

Take a stand
Make a difference in everything you do, whether you're making powerful commitments or simply paying attention to all the details that are a reflection of who we are.

Do the right thing
Act with integrity and show respect to yourself and others.

Learn and grow every day
Expand your horizons through Watermark University and in every encounter, every day.

Don't take yourself too seriously
Have fun and recognize that the power is in the team.