Transforming Aging

Over its 25+ year history, Watermark has come to enjoy a reputation as a leader in innovation in the senior living industry.


With the intent to dramatically improve the quality of life of the residents we serve by supporting not only their physical and intellectual health but also their emotional and spiritual well-being, Watermark has led the way in transformative developments that do truly impact residents’ daily lives. These innovations include:

Thrive Dining

Download a Brochure

Download a Brochure

One example of how we challenge expectations is our Thrive Dining™ program. Thrive Dining restores the joy of dining for individuals living with physical and cognitive changes. Using our own, high quality, freshly prepared menu items, we transform them into incredibly tasty, nutritionally balanced, protein packed meals that are served as bite size hors d’oeuvres intended to be eaten by hand. Thrive Dining thus eliminates embarrassing food fumbles and replaces them with manageable meals that are so enjoyable, they’re ordered as often as other main dishes. Not only are the meals delicious, but also dining with friends and family is devoid of interruption or distraction, thanks to Thrive Dining. Best of all, it adds one more activity residents “can do” for themselves, building self-confidence and enhancing well-being.


Read More About Nayas at Work

Read More About Nayas at Work

The word Naya, which centers on the concept of being engaged in the present moment, comes from the ancient language of Classical Sanskrit. A guide, person of wisdom, conductor and leader – these terms truly define our  caregivers, and that’s why we use the term Naya. In perfect alignment with our universal care model, the name Naya reminds community members to connect with each other and be mindfully engaged in each moment. In doing so, we cultivate a sense of well-being, community and creativity. From this thoughtful foundation, both residents and associates thrive.

The Hacienda at The River

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The Hacienda at The River heralds a new era in senior residential care. A 7.5-acre residential campus on Tucson’s Rillito River, The Hacienda will be a unique community for mature individuals seeking exceptional assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitative services, with unprecedented access to cutting-edge university-based clinical care, programming and research. The Haciendas at The River is a vision for a neighborhood where the traditions of historic Arizona bring together people dedicated to graceful aging and healing care. Drawing from the desert’s beauty, the community’s daily rhythms evoke a tranquil era when people were strongly connected to the land and to each other.


Watch the Video

Watch the Video

The Fountains at La Cholla is proud to announce a new and exciting partnership with the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA). At the Fountains, we believe that there are many more aspects to well-being than simply meeting physical needs. Our goal is to achieve well-being for our residents in a variety of different ways. Live music, culinary arts, art instruction, and art displays are all ways in which SAACA will assist in achieving this goal.

Through this program Fountains residents are able to be students, audience members, teachers, artists and performers. For instance, in the coming months several residents will be featured in a showcase that will exhibit their talents in many different artistic mediums. This creative arts collaboration between SAACA and The Fountains will not only enhance the fine art experience for residents of our community but will allow for increased exposure and teaching opportunities for local Tucson artists as well.