5 Ideas for Active Aging Week and All Year Long

Active Aging Week wrapped up on October 7, 2019. Watermark Retirement Communities gave older adults options to get moving, grooving and thriving. If you missed any of our community events or you joined in the fun and want more, there are ways you can stay active right from home. Here we share five fun ways you can be active every day.

Walk Around the Country
Put on your pedometer and get to stepping! During Active Aging Week and beyond, take a walk and record how many miles you’re stepping. Encourage your family to participate so you can see how far you get. For added fun, research locations you could “stop” at along the way each day based on your daily mileage.

Grow Your Friend Network
Friends are the spice of life. Consider planning a get together with your friends, and ask each one to bring a friend. Before you know it you’ve grown your inner circle. Hosting a potluck brunch or lunch, playing cards or any number of fun interests you enjoy are sure to get the conversations flowing and friendships blooming.

Find A New Purpose
Everyone needs a reason to get out of bed every day. Make this the week you explore a new volunteering opportunity. From the local animal shelter to the museum or arboretum in town, there are places you can go and put your talents to wonderful use. Not only will you share your insights and passions, you’ll meet new people while making a difference for your community. That’s going to feel good.

Start Drinking Water
Hydration is key to a healthy, active lifestyle. Water helps regulate our body temperature and blood pressure, and supports our lungs to absorb the oxygen we breathe. Make it your mission to drink at least eight cups of water a day. You may need more or less depending on factors such as medication, body size, activity amount and climate. Consult a physician and start tracking your intake of H20.

Have More Fun
Active Aging at its core means being active. There are many opportunities all around you to get out and move your body, stimulate your mind and inspire happiness. Explore your neighborhood to find things to do from equine therapy and museums to dance and fitness classes. Make sure you research your local senior living communities. Many, including Watermark Retirement Communities, offer opportunities for you to thrive.

In fact, you’ll find Watermark communities from coast to coast are hosting open houses, physical fitness classes and group outings and events year-round. To learn more and to find events near you, visit watermarkcommunities.com.

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