7 Tips to Make Your Holiday Table Alzheimer’s Friendly

The holidays are a special time of the year when family from near and far gather around the table to connect, dine and celebrate the season. With the number of people living with Alzheimer’s climbing across the country, your get-together might include a loved one with a form of memory loss or dementia. There are easy ways you can make sure everyone at the table has a jolly good time.

At Watermark Retirement Communities, we are committed to helping people thrive no matter where they reside. We gathered seven tips on how to ensure holiday meals are festive and enjoyable for everyone at the table.

  1. Help with depth perception by using contrasting table settings, such as colorful plates against a light-colored tablecloth.
  2. Prepare food in contrasting colors. Consider placing dark green vegetables beside the serving of turkey on your loved one’s plate so that the items are easy to distinguish.
  3. Offer a selection of finger foods and options in bite-sized portions to make eating more manageable.
  4. Keep table decorations to a minimum so individual items are easier to see and recognize.
  5. Keep the dining room at a pleasant temperature.
  6. Make sure chairs are comfortable with plenty of room to sit down.
  7. Keep music or other background noise low so conversations are easy to hear.

Keeping these tips in mind will contribute to a successful dining experience for everyone gathered at your holiday table.

If you or someone you love is living with a form of dementia, we can help, and not just during the holidays. You’ll find many of our senior living communities offer informative events, short term stays and support groups for the entire family. Learn how our Gourmet Bites Cuisine signature program is enhancing independence and restoring the joys of dining for individuals living with physical, neuromuscular and cognitive challenges by transforming nutritious, delicious meals into bite-size hors d’oeuvres intended to be eaten by hand. Visit https://www.watermarkcommunities.com/ to find a community near you and to learn more about how we can be a resource to you and your family.

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