Adopt a Grandparent Program

Adopt a Grandparent Program at The Fountains at Canterbury

Town Center residents at The Fountains at Canterbury and Heritage Hall high school students have teamed up in our new “Adopt a Grandparent” program which will continue throughout the school year.  The kids have been busy taking pictures and putting out a questionnaire for our willing residents to fill out and then the kids pick their own “grandparent” based on similar interests.  Bill Rodgers’ grandchild chose him because they both love to fish and camp; Anne Glasgow’s grandchild loves to bake, garden, and read… everything Anne loves to do. It’s fun to see the relationships develop and grow. So far, we have close to 20 residents and 20 students in the program and still it’s growing!

The kids have been coming over at various times to visit with their new grandparent, setting up times that are best for the resident and the students’ schedules. This week some of the kids joined their grandparents for a game of Mexican Train Dominoes.  It was a first for many but the kids caught on quickly and were all helping each other.  They have decided one week out of the month will be games day and the kids will teach the residents new games, while the seniors can introduce the students to games they have played all their lives. One of our residents, Betty Hatcher, was in the lobby this week with about six of the students and they noticed a book on the concierge desk with Betty’s name on it. One girl asked, “Did you write this book?” Betty answered with a big smile, “Yes, at the ripe old age of 96!” The kids were amazed and began to ask when she started writing, how long did it take to write it, where did she get her inspiration…definitely a positive moment for all!  The two students in charge of the program keep in touch with Becky Strong, Community Life Director, every day…setting days and times, introducing new students into the program who are in need of a grandparent. The “grandkids” are coming up with new and fun programs and ideas to do for the upcoming months as the numbers begin to grow. Definitely a program that is going to make both the “grandparents” and the “grandchildren” thrive!

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