Watermark Retirement Thrive Advice

Advice For Thriving From Watermark Residents

I’m privileged to have met, worked with and learned from countless seniors over the years. Time and time again their words return to me when I’m pondering life’s biggest questions. This year, which happens to be Watermark’s 30th anniversary, is also the year our son will leave the nest for college. It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies and I’m reminded that each passing year is a precious gift. As we prepare our son for his next adventure, I often find myself searching for the right advice to help him be as excited, prepared, successful and as happy as possible. At Watermark Retirement Communities, our residents hold a wealth of wisdom and their words are a gift we can share with the next generation. This collection of videos and wealth of knowledge will grow over time; I welcome you to revisit this page often. We are honored to share their sage advice for a thriving life.

David Barnes
Watermark Retirement Communities

Connie Rinaldi – The Fountains at RiverVue



Nancy Hueter – Pacific Regent Bellevue



Richard Hrapczyski – Rose Tree Place



Marilyn Reno – The Fountains at La Cholla


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