Carl Osburn with sky diving instructor giving thumbs up

Carl Skydives at 90!

The Fountains at Canterbury, Oklahoma City, OK – For his 90th birthday, Carl Osburn’s son and daughter arranged for him to skydive for his birthday present on August 17th. As they were having a family reunion at the Woodlands near Houston, this Fountains’ resdient did the skydive at “Skydive Spaceland” in Rosharon, Texas south of Houston. The aircraft was a Twin Otter especially equipped for skydiving. On the way up, the other sky divers sang Happy Birthday to him! The exit altitude for the dive was 14,000 feet which he said seemed like it took a long time to get to that height. The free fall drop was to 6,000 feet…Carl had an altimeter on his wrist and was charged with pulling the rip cord himself. He commented that the Gulf of Mexico was a pretty sight coming down and very large from that altitude. It was a beautiful day for the sky dive, which Carl thoroughly enjoyed. In Carl’s words… “I am glad to be able to mark this off my bucket list!”

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