It seems like we can’t get very far these days without seeing CBD products or advertisements nearly everywhere we turn, but is the hype around the new health fashion actually legitimate or something that will pass with time and trend? Let’s start from the beginning and you be the judge.

What is CBD?

The acronym stands for cannabidiol. And yes, it is found in cannabis plants, making up 40% of the plant’s extract. It is important to note that while CBD is a component in marijuana, the “high” component of marijuana is not in CBD.

What can CBD do?

Medical research provides various findings in which CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, and reduces anxiety and insomnia. The strongest scientific evidence found was its inhibition of seizures.

How is CBD being used?

Lather it on, mix or pour it in, and wash it down. OK that may seem over the top, but not really! You can incorporate CBD into your daily lifestyle through oils, vitamins, powder supplements, shampoo and lotions and so on. Most likely you are seeing the general population consume CBD for pain relief because of its popular anti-inflammatory property, but there is also a single FDA approved medication which contains CBD.

Some claim CBD helps with acne, diabetes, substance abuse, mental disorders and can even prevent cancer, however medical research doesn’t exactly support these claims although they don’t debunk them either. The uses of CBD have become so wide-ranging there simply isn’t enough research to know one way or another.

Are there side effects?

The good news is, there are minimal (diarrhea, fatigue and nausea) to nearly no side effects to using CBD at all. So should you choose to chew on some gummies, lather in that shampoo or massage the pain away with oils, you’ll be just fine.

Where can I get CBD?

Your local health and wellness retailers are a good place to start. Or consider online shopping and ask your doctor if they have any recommendations. But be sure to do your research and check labels before you buy. Studies show that CBD reaps benefits when in its purest form so you’ll want to avoid being duped for misleading advertisements and packaging.

Overall, CBD may not be the answer to all of your health and wellness struggles and triumphs but it certainly won’t stop you from achieving your goals either. Use some oil on that stiff shoulder, enjoy an infused gummy bear before laying down for a restful night sleep or try a cream on those arthritic hands. After all, it is on-trend.

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