“Come as You Thrive” Halloween

This Halloween, Watermark communities’ residents and associates showed off how they thrive with a unique “Come as You Thrive” theme. Instead of dressing up in traditional costumes, some participants wore outfits that represented their passions, hobbies or interests. The vision behind the theme was to have fun and get to know each other a little more at the same time by providing the opportunity to start conversations and create new connections.

The idea was simple, and correlated to Watermark’s vision for helping every individual thrive. Associates at the Watermark Resource Center in Tucson, AZ got into the thriving Halloween spirit as well. David Barnes, President, was dressed as a fly fisherman, alongside others wearing costumes that indicated how they thrive, including a copywriter as a #2 pencil, a graphic designer as a Washington Nationals fan, a puppet-maker, and more. (Photo1)

Watermark’s national director of human resources Mike Burkhart donned his soccer referee uniform which aligned well with Nicola Hartman, executive director of Watermark for Kids. Hartmann wore a soccer uniform not only because it is her favorite pastime, but in honor of all the Watermark Kids who have received soccer-related awards. Alongside these sports lovers was a Watermark Copywriter as a #2 Pencil and even a fire dancer spinning flames, C. Jill Hofer, Director of Communication. (Photo 2)

At Watermark communities coast to coast visitors could see avid bird watchers wearing brimmed hats and binoculars, beach lovers, world travelers, gamblers, cooks with aprons handing out their favorite recipes and sports fanatics suited up for the big game. At Pinebrook in Milford Ohio, residents dressed in many creative costumes including a pair of dice, a play on words for thriving in paradise. (Photo 3)

David Barnes, President remarked that the Come as You Thrive theme added a meaningful new twist to the traditional seasonal sights, treats and camaraderie offered in Watermark communities at Halloween. “The theme brings to life our vision for helping people thrive by appreciating each individual as a unique person, while encouraging bonding among our residents, their families and associates.”

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