Can you believe it’s November already? Fall is back in full swing with crisp mornings, cool evenings and everything pumpkin spice. Although, everything pumpkin spice may be not so nice for those with health and fitness on their mind. If you’re feeling motivated to keep fit and stay in shape this year without having to deprive yourself of indulging, the good news is you don’t have to! There are plenty of ways to incorporate your seasonal favorites without having to completely derail your progress and wellness goals.

Check out these simple swaps and substitutes to keep you feeling your best throughout 2019 and into the new year.

Cue the Coconut Oil

Have some control in the kitchen? Swap butter and super fatty oils with coconut oil where you can. For best results you can do half olive oil and half coconut oil. You’ll achieve the same great taste and consistencies without the added fat.

Don’t fill up on Bread

Unless you’re a bread-lover and not set on indulging past the bread basket, consider skipping the rolls this year. They are often loaded with sugar and add a lot of calories and little nutritional benefit. Can’t live without a carb to start or side? Try cauliflower bread, tortillas, cloud bread and so on. Today’s market offers an abundance of health-conscious substitutes.

Skip the Eggnog and Sip On a Spritzer

Although delicious, some eggnog recipes pack nearly 500 calories per serving. Grab a wine spritzer instead which has less sugar, and less calories at 150 per serving. Use diet club soda to make it even less.

Pass the Pie

But beware, not all pies are created equal. Pumpkin reigns in as the healthiest option with the lowest calories and highest nutritional value. Apple takes second place, and sorry pecan, you’re dead last. So go on, have your pie and eat it too.

Stuffed, Not Swollen

Don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest you pass up stuffing for a side of wild rice or vegetables, that would be cruel. Instead, consider making your own stuffing at home with fresh ingredients that are naturally low-sodium like vegetable and chicken broth rather as opposed to boxed options from the store. All that sodium may be the reason you’ve felt uncomfortable, puffy and lethargic after helping yourself to stuffing (among other things).

There are countless ways to make your Thanksgiving meal a hearty yet healthier one and we hope you’ll enjoy some of these ideas to take into your kitchen, onto your plate, and for your wellness this year.

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