Hurricane Irma – Updated

Hurricane Irma Update September 15 – Watermark Communities Show The Support


Hurricane Irma Update September 14

Hello Watermark,
Three cheers for Florida! Team Irma is hanging up our satellite phones and putting dozens of cots on the trucks to return to storage for what we hope will be a long, long time.
Today was wonderful, with everyone back at home and 1,000 details falling beautifully into place. Each community has accomplished far too many action-items to mention here, but suffice it to say the lifestyle we love (and missed) is being restored before our eyes.
As we return to normal operations and more typical staffing levels, we’re able to give our associates a well-deserved rest with their families. Many of our associates are currently without power at home. We have opened our doors, offering them temporary housing as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep them healthy and fueled up to continue to serve our community and residents. We are proud to help those who have given so much to assure resident safety and comfort.
We’ll have much more to say in the coming days with a more formal thank you to our residents, associates and family members. We have clearly built a culture that has – literally – weathered the storm. The greatest part is we have come out the other side even stronger. Our executive directors can’t walk 10 feet in any direction without someone stopping them to tell a story of the great care, fantastic food, fun programs, or a story of a selfless associate who put a resident’s comfort above all else.
We are humbled, proud, grateful and inspired. Thank you for the support and encouragement as these heroic communities navigated the storm.

Hurricane Irma Update September 13

It was a full day for our communities in Florida. We’re glad to share that everyone is AOK and today, although the situation remained challenging, our associates navigated the day like the true pros they are, and it had many bright spots.
Today, residents from The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay who were temporarily residing at The Watermark at Trinity triumphantly returned to The Fountains safely.  We’re thrilled to report the community is no longer relying on generator power! We are enjoying the comforts of home with full lighting, kitchen and full-power air conditioning. As a reminder, yesterday, residents from The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay who were temporarily residing at Mission Inn made it back to The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay safely.
Today The Watermark at Trinity temporarily lost power and for a short time relied on their natural gas generator. It was not a welcome experience but the team handled it well and are remaining vigilant in case this happens again as the state deals with repairs to the grid county to county.
The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods is still full-steam ahead and settling back into regular programming, dining, communication ability and more.
Thank you for the outpouring of support and encouragement. Your positive words and offers to assist are welcome and appreciated.

Hurricane Irma Update September 12, 2017

Today our communities are focused on providing care and comfort to all residents and prioritizing steps from their Emergency Preparedness Plans. Please know that communication is extremely challenging at this time and the teams are extremely focused. We will be uploading news, the latest info, photos and more as available on Hurricane Irma pages. As communities focus on the priorities at hand, please rest assured we are ready to weather the storm in place at The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods, The Watermark at Trinity is safely hosting residents from The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay assisted living and memory care neighborhoods, and the Mission Inn resort is the temporary home for residents from The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay Town Center.
Thank you for the continued patience and encouragement.

 September 11th

Hello Family & Friends,

We now have an update to share about Hurricane Irma and our communities in the Florida area.
The communities woke to calmer winds, slower rain and some very welcome sunshine. Everyone is safe and sound thanks to the truly selfless dedication of heroic Watermark associates.
We are certain that residents will not be able to relocate back to The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay today. Even if power were to be restored today, which is not likely, due to logistics and transportation challenges we are focusing our efforts on providing continued care and comfort to everyone in place. Beyond that, we cannot estimate our return and we should know more tomorrow morning.
In the meantime, we have great news to share.

*The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay
Our housekeeping and maintenance leaders visited The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay to assess the damage. It appears we have been spared the brunt of the storm. Our water is drinkable (does not need to be boiled), toilets are flushing and elevators are working. We are so relieved and grateful for this news.
We are a priority #2 for Duke Electricity to restore our power. There are three hospitals in the area without power and they are priority #1. We await the word when we may have ours restored.
We sustained damage to our fencing, a couple trees are down and we have a cracked sliding door in the courtyard area. We are in action to make repairs as soon as possible.
At the Mission Inn, we are now off generator power and back on the grid. We are prepared to stay here and we will continue to be fine.

*The Watermark at Trinity
We sustained damage to our fencing which has already been repaired. A couple of our gutters/downspouts were damaged by the wind and we had limited water intrusion from a small roof leak into a stairwell. We are in action to complete these repairs as soon as possible.

*The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods
We weathered the storm quite well and are currently operating on generator power. There was no major damage to the community and we are assessing the need for minor repairs.

Thank You
Words cannot express our gratitude for the ability to weather the storm in place at Lake Pointe Woods and for the warm hospitality extended to residents and associates of The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay, from The Watermark at Trinity. It has been a challenge and we have a lot of clean up and re-organizing ahead, but we know that before too long our residents and associates will be sleeping in their own beds and we all have many, many blessings to count.

Thank you for your inquiries and concern. We are experiencing an extremely high call volume on our 888 number.

For updated news about Hurricane Irma please follow the appropriate link:

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay:

The Watermark at Trinity:

The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods:

September 10th

Hello Everyone,

We’d like to report on our Watermark family in Irma’s path.
The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods is ready to weather  the storm in place. The Fountains at The Albemarle expects no problems with rain and 20-40mph winds. Residents and a group of associates from The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay have safely relocated to The Watermark at Trinity and the Mission Inn Resort.  Today, they are happy to wake up safe and together. Everyone slept much better last night, the second night in temporary housing.
As you know, we expect Irma to reach us mid-day today. We are braced for the worst and hoping for the best. Our Watermark residents and associates are safe, well-fed and cared for, enjoying as much normalcy as possible, with morning stretches, group discussions and activities at both locations. Associates are sleeping in short shifts to stay sharp and refreshed to serve residents. Rick Kamminga and Shirley Shockley have flown to the area to provide on-site support and Jerry Dunham is fielding dozens of calls on the Watermark national 888 hotline.
Our teams are working together through this challenging time with all focus on resident safety, health and comfort. Plans are made for safe sleeping spaces (interior rooms and hallways with no window), generators, food supplies, emergency lighting and hundreds of other details have been considered and put into place at our Florida communities.  Our emergency preparedness is paying off.
We are so grateful for the outpouring of love from Watermark communities with photos such as the one attached. They are very much lifting the spirits of residents and associates in Florida – keep them coming! Send by email to me or post to your Facebook pages and alert me by email. We will keep the love flowing to our Florida family and I will send updates as soon as we have more news to report.  In the meantime, you can learn more though these web links, with thanks to Amy Lampert for managing  this timely online and social media communication.



Lake Pointe:

September 6th

Dear Family Members and Friends of Our Community,

As part of our preparation for the coming storm, we have established a 24-hour toll free number you can use to obtain information about our community and residents in the event our local phone number is inoperable. The number is 888-694-4517. Rest assured we have been preparing for this event and we have every precaution in place to weather this storm safely. Our communities are trained and prepared to do whatever it takes to assure the safety and comfort of our residents. At Watermark Retirement Communities this is our highest priority.

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