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EngageVR® Generating Press for Communities

July 26 2023

We’re not the only ones who see what a difference our EngageVR® program makes in the lives of our residents. One of our signature programs, which we call WaterMarks, EngageVR uses virtual reality technology to create transportive interactive experiences and has been generating lots of press coverage for Watermark communities. Below is a sampling from recent months.

Dallas Morning News: Going Beyond Goggles
The benefits of Watermark’s EngageVR program are highlighted in this Dallas Morning News article featuring resident perspectives and the dedicated team at The Preston of the Park Cities (Dallas, TX). “The expanse of space before 91-year-old Russell Craig seems endless as he gazes at the swirling galaxies and constellations. Thousands of miles above Earth, he turns his head only to be greeted by satellites and stars. Yet in reality, Craig is seated in a chair, his feet planted firmly on the ground. While space may be far away, for residents of The Preston of the Park Cities, it’s just a click of a button away."

6ABC WPVI-TV:  Virtual reality programs taking older adults to new places
Residents are exploring a meadow and seeing flora and fauna spring up right before their eyes through EngageVR adventures at Blue Bell Place (Blue Bell, PA). EngageVR brings to life far-off destinations or walks through childhood neighborhoods with a variety of programs for residents to enjoy.

KGUN CH9:  Tucson seniors traveling the world through virtual reality
Residents can scuba dive or climb to the top of temple at The Hacienda at the Canyon (Tucson, AZ), and Community Life Director Missy Paschke-Wood is making it available with EngageVR. Hear the enthusiasm for this “limitless” Watermark signature program in an interview hosted by Missy with the local media.

Reading Eagle:  Residents use technology to explore their passions at Blue Bell Place
The Watermark team at Blue Bell Place (Blue Bell, PA) is putting our EngageVR to unique use in furthering (or should we say “feathering”) a resident’s passion for birds. Blue Bell Place’s Community Life Director, Cindy Franklin, shares how EngageVR adds an educational component to her Watermark University courses in this print interview with local media.

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