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Fortifying Our Digital Frontiers: How Watermark’s IT Team Shields Communities from Cyber Threats

November 15 2023
WRC IT cyber security

Cybercrime is anticipated to cost the global economy over $10.5 trillion by 2025.  The average cyber breach costs a company over $4.45 million, a figure that does not include potential ransom payments. Unfortunately, for health care organizations, the number is even higher, at over $10.93 million! Watermark’s IT team stands as the unsung heroes safeguarding our digital domains. Their relentless efforts and strategic implementations have been pivotal in protecting our communities from potential cyber threats and ransom demands. We are proud of our team’s vigilance and sophistication in layering the defenses that fortify our cyber walls against malicious activities. 

This multilayered defensive strategy ensures no single point of failure can compromise our network's integrity. This approach intertwines various security measures, creating a resilient and responsive defense system. 

Here is a brief overview of the systems and methods employed by Watermark’s IT team:

Endpoint Detection & Response and Extended Detection & Response

At the heart of our defense lie the EDR and XDR systems. EDR focuses on endpoint security, detecting and responding to threats on individual devices. XDR expands this capability, integrating multiple security products into a cohesive system that correlates data across endpoints, networks, and clouds. This provides a holistic view, enabling rapid detection and response to threats.


Email Phishing Filters

With phishing attempts becoming increasingly sophisticated, our email phishing filters act as a crucial first line of defense. These filters scrutinize incoming emails, detecting and quarantining potential phishing attempts, thus significantly reducing the risk of malicious attacks.  


Cybersecurity Training

Recognizing that the human element is often the weakest link in cybersecurity, our team has implemented comprehensive cybersecurity training. This initiative educates the staff on best practices, threat recognition, and response procedures, empowering them to be an active part of our defense strategy.


Next-Generation Firewalls and Threat Intelligence

Our next-generation firewalls are not just gatekeepers but intelligent sentinels. They are equipped with extensive protection rules, fed by cutting-edge threat intelligence systems. This setup enables them to identify and neutralize novel threats before they infiltrate our network.


Intrusion Detection and Protection System

To identify and mitigate threats that might bypass other defenses, we have deployed an advanced intrusion detection and protection system. This system continuously monitors network traffic, identifying and responding to suspicious activities in real time.

Content Filtering and Managed Domain Name System

We ensure safe internet navigation through content filtering and managed DNS services. These measures block access to malicious websites and filter out harmful content, thereby reducing the risk of malware infections and data breaches.

Link Filtering

Lastly, link filtering plays a vital role in our cybersecurity framework. It scrutinizes links in emails and web pages, blocking access to malicious sites and preventing drive-by downloads.


Our cybersecurity measures exemplify our commitment to keeping our digital ecosystem secure. The proactive and layered approach not only counters current cyber threats but also prepares us for future challenges. As we continue to evolve and adapt in this digital age, the role of our IT team remains crucial in safeguarding our communities against the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

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