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Show Me the Data

November 14 2023
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Watermark has long been a leader in bringing progressive ideas to a senior living context. Innovation is a central part of our mission—and our company intranet and digital workspace, WatermarkConnect, has always served as a hub for innovating how we work.

In January 2019, we enhanced WatermarkConnect with key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow executive and department directors to monitor the metrics that matter. One year later, we introduced Strategic Plans, which offer a transparent monthly summary of essential information for partners, including community performance, strategies, and projects around occupancy, financials, KPIs, and more.

Early 2022 saw Watermark extend this data emphasis to a powerful new endeavor: a data warehouse that integrates Watermark's data from a host of software sources, including payroll, clinical, financial, and more. By leveraging the combined data out of this warehouse, we are now able to auto-populate several components of our strategic plans and 43 unique KPIs—including everything from the labor hours frontline caregivers work per resident day, to the number and scale of overdue resident assessments, to expenses and revenue per occupied room. Auto-populating KPIs increases accuracy while decreasing the busywork of manual entry, offering leadership teams the information they need to make good decisions and more time to implement those decisions.

Watermark continues to emphasize this commitment to data as we pursue new integrations, map out new automation, and develop new applications. Current work in this arena includes “Win the Week:” a detailed, internal re-interpretation of the strategic plan that helps community leadership work together toward a common purpose. As we look ahead to our ongoing distillation of data into actionable information, the technologies we develop now pave the way toward future opportunities in BI, AI, and more.

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