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Watermark University Making National Headlines

November 14 2023
People doing tai chi in a class.

Watermark University continues to garner media coverage in local media around the country and this fall in national industry news outlet Senior Living News:  Watermark University: The Antidote to Stagnation. We are proud of our exceptional and award-winning lifelong-learning program known lovingly as Watermark University. Watermark University not only provides our residents with the opportunity to expand their horizons and continue the pursuit of learning but it also contributes to the sense of community.  As our associates, residents, family members, and local area experts step into the role of a Watermark University Faculty Member they leave behind their name tag, title, and apartment number and step into the role of an expert, a person who is interested in sharing their skills, knowledge, life experience, and expertise. Watermark University course content is as varied as the interests and passions of our residents and associates and can be structured in the form of a recurring series or one-time offerings.

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