The New York Times Features Tucson: The City That Encourages You to Explore

May 07 2018
An serial view of the city of Tucson with mountains in the back.
Foodies, Hikers and Art lovers alike come to get their fill in one place, all right here in Tucson, Arizona. At first thought Tucson may seem like your standard desert town, a mixture of mountains and cacti sprawled about, sprinkled with wildlife here and there while decorated by mom and pop stores complimented with a slow pace vibe. But with a closer glance you’ll see Tucson is a diverse blend of old and new, man-made and natural which brings this southwestern city to the top of the list for so many visitors who are looking to explore a variety of activities without leaving one city’s limits. From the Saguaro National Park and Tucson Rodeo riding all the way back to 1925 to the UNESCO-recognized culinary scene, there is much to say and do about this metropolitan of more than one million people. Humble brags aside, there is much to love about this desert town. Get an in depth overview of the city from The New York Times.