Passover Seder at The Fountains

April 09 2018
The Passover story is from the Biblical book of Exodus, which tells the story of the ancient the Jews enslavement in Egypt. Passover is a holiday about freedom because it celebrates the Jews' liberation from slavery. Because the Seder (the traditional Passover dinner) is focused around telling the Passover story, it's an opportunity for Jews to connect themselves with their history; to think more consciously about those who are still oppressed today, and to hope that all people today will know freedom and independence. We had our Fountains Seder with over 45 residents and family members attending. Cantor Janece Cohen of Or Chadash Congregation officiated and our very own Bernie Greenapple opened the Seder with a special blessing. The Seder was filled with stories, songs, traditional foods (that were absolutely delicious), including Matzah, which is unleavened bread, and the hope for freedom for all in the year to come!