Recycled Plastic Bags Put to Extraordinary Use at The Fountains!

October 02 2018
For years now, a talented group of residents have been doing their part to recycle plastic bags into beautiful works of art in form of crocheted colorful mats. The seven feet by four feet crocheted mats are then donated to local individuals that are housing challenged. The group was originally started by Dwaine Greer, who was on faculty in the Department of Art Education at University of Arizona. Recently we were fortunate to have 2 local Girl Scouts who collected colored bags and helped to cut the bags into strips, which are then tied together to create a ball of plastic yarn. The yarn is then crocheted into exquisitely colorful mats that are given to homeless shelters. The mats provide a barrier to the ground and insulation against temperatures. The Girl Scouts have been volunteering with Homeless Veterans and will be delivering the mats to those in need. What an incredible project making a difference in so many ways! Click here to view the article published in the Arizona Daily Star by Johanna Eubank on September 22nd, 2018.