University of Arizona Museum of Art Outing

August 15 2018
The University of Arizona Museum of Art (UAMA) opened in 1924 under the leadership of UA professor Katherine Kitt, who was the founder of the UA Art Department. The museum has been the beneficiary of several seminal donations of artwork since its inception. The generosity of donors of art over the years has made it possible for the Museum to grow into a world-class collection. Although the Museum’s holdings span many cultures and eras, the core collections include the art of Europe and the United States, from the Renaissance through Contemporary. We arrived at the Museum and were welcomed by the director and introduced to the docents that led our tour. The museum was in the news recently when a de Kooning painting that was stolen in 1985 was returned last year. The painting, “Woman-Ochre,” arrived back on campus last year after being found in an antique shop in New Mexico. The painting is valued at least $100 million, perhaps $160 million.