Watermark University Presents "You Be The Judge" with Kenny Hegland

March 22 2018
Kenny Hegland, a Law Professor at the University of Arizona, has been offering this extraordinary six-part law program. Law is fascinating and being involved is challenging, exciting, and fun. This program throws our residents into the thick of things, as jurors, judges, lawyers, and legislators facing difficult decisions. Each one hour segment is anchored by a realistic law video raising the legal issue to be resolved: Is a teen guilty of receiving stolen property? Should a baby be taken from her neglectful mother? Is a statute outlawing casino advertising constitutional? Should there be random drug testing of high school students? Should a drug dealer be put on probation or sent to jail even though he is desperately needed at home? Is it ethical for a lawyer to advise a client? This is just a sampling of what is explored in this interactive series.