Dr. Seuss Social

March 18 2019
Two glasses of pink lemonade, a pitcher and some lemons.
On March 2nd, residents at The Cottages celebrated the author & illustrator Dr. Seuss's birthday. Community Life Director, Kathy Odom, talked about Dr. Seuss's life. Residents found it fascinating that he had no children until later after his first wife passed away, he remarried to a woman that had two girls. Dr. Seuss was always asked where he came up with all his characters. Every year he would go to a little town in Bavaria, where he would have his clock tuned up. He would study the town people and come up with his characters. Everyone knew of Dr. Seuss children books, but not really about the person behind the stories. Residents found his life fascinating. Afterwards, pink lemonade & Dr. Seuss cupcakes were served. The cupcakes were called "Thing 1 & 2 etc...  A great time was held by all!