Watermark University Craft Project - Miniature Terrariums

March 21 2018
A table full of items to build miniature terrariums.
Our residents gathered with Peggy and Katie of Peggy's Home Care. With spring just around the corner, the miniature terrariums were a perfect project for everyone to work on and the ladies graciously brought in everything to make the terrariums. Peggy explained how she likes to recycle or re-purpose items she collects from estate sales or thrift stores. For this project, Peggy brought in teacups and miniature colored glass lanterns. Peggy also had a variety of succulent plants that came from her own garden. First we placed gravel in the bottom of our cups or lanterns, then layered moist potting soil. Finally, we planted our selected plants and topped it off with moss to help keep the soil moist. Our residents provided their own personal touch to their terrarium and shared fond memories of tea in the garden and family celebrations! Each resident went home with a terrarium for their apartment.