Keeping Hydrated All Summer Long

August 27 2018
Fruit infused water is all the rage. We need to keep ourselves hydrated to boost energy, curb hunger and give us that summer glow. It also improves focus on activities that we are doing. But let's face it, water can get boring. Especially when lemonade, Frappuccinos and glasses of rosé are calling our name. The solution? Adding a little excitement to your glass with a pop of color and some actual taste. That's exactly what the dining staff did. As the temperatures rose they were so creative about making sure we were all hydrated. Returning from our morning strolls along the beach or the gym from doing workouts they made sure we had several hydration stations available throughout the community. When it comes to flavoring water, the sky is the limit — there are endless combos of fruit, veggies and herbs to experiment with. Our favorite was cucumber and mint!