Random Act of Kindness Week

March 04 2019
For Random Act of Kindness week, we all made posters and took them into our Balance Class and cheered the class on. The instructor and the class had no idea we were going to do this. On day one of Random Act of Kindness Week we planned out what we were going to do each day and then started gathering supplies. The first was making posters with words of encouragement. We let them dry and then ambushed the class the next day. The same day we started making cards and wrapped a box of cuties for the firefighters and EMT's that come to our community. The next day we had a chocolate workshop were we made all things chocolate for our friends that didn't get out much and for Happy Hour for all to enjoy. We even put chocolate on potato chips! They weren't to bad, both salty and sweet. Then, the last day, we made window box cards for caregivers and family members and anyone that needed a hug.