Vanilla, Sugar and Chocolate

January 02 2019
It's cookie time! Warm buttery cookies right from the oven. Nothing beats a great sugar cookie loaded with sprinkles and icing and no holiday table is complete without a tray of sugar cookies or any kind of cookie for that matter. It's that time of the year to heat up our oven and start baking your favorite cookie recipes and trying out new ones. Nothing beats coming in from the cold outside to the smell of cookies and a toasty warm home. Georgia Edmundson, Community Life Director, whipped up several batches of coconut macaroons and drizzled dark chocolate on top. In the basic batter she added grated orange peel. Don't you just love that dark chocolate and orange combination together? These little gems were brought to the Winter Tea and we all enjoyed them after our lunch with our tea. Below you can see the process of how they came to be the best cookies. By the way there was nothing left to take home, we ate them all. Season Greetings!