Active Aging Week!

September 28 2018
In honor of National Active Aging Week, we at The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens have had a very busy week. We started out on Monday with a trip for sixteen people to the Sierra Foothills for a day at Columbia State Historic Park, where we ate a gold rush style meal and drank locally made Sasparilla. We also visited all the sites of the historic working town. A few days later we had yet another Extraordinary Outing. It took place, this time with friends and family from our Gardens neighborhood totaling thirteen people. We headed out to Oakland, CA for a Day at the Zoo. We had a guided tour and adventure talk where we learned much about the conservation efforts of many of the world’s most vulnerable creatures. Friday we topped off a fantastic week with our First Annual Active Aging Awards. We honored seven of our residents who show us daily in their own unique way how to truly be active as we age. Each award recipient received a framed certificate with these words: “YOU ARE A GRACEFUL DAILY EXAMPLE TO US ALL THAT IF WE STAY ACTIVE IN BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT WE WILL ALL LIVE HAPPIER LIVES. WE HONOR YOU THIS DAY FOR SHOWING US THAT AGE IS A NUMBER AND NOT A DEFINITION. WE LEARN FROM YOUR EXAMPLE AND GROW FROM YOUR PRESENCE IN OUR LIVES.” It has been a great week and a great reminder that although this is the week we celebrate, Active Aging is what we all do every day, and we should make every day as joy-filled and memorable as possible.