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tradition is ageless

All you knit is love.

Thirty years ago, a group of knitters at Watermark noticed some kids at their local schools needed warmer winter clothes. And so, a tradition began: 11,000 handmade sweaters later, they still meet weekly to knit some homemade love into each new sweater.

The walls of the room where they meet are covered with photos of kids they’ve helped, including one little girl who was drawn to a bright pink sweater even though it was two sizes too big. She wore it day in and day out, even to bed. It made her happy.

And that’s why they keep knitting, generation after generation. Bringing people joy is one of their traditions — just like creating communities where people thrive is one of ours.


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Join a Tradition Generations in the Making

Kaye, Fran, Elena, and other members of this generation’s knitting team rely on contributions. Join us in a tradition of giving, and contact Pat Moran at 520-797-2001 to donate yarn or a monetary gift.