A Day In The Life Of A Watermark At 3030 Park Resident

October 02 2019
The alarm clock no longer needs to sound, Mr. Clarke has been waking with the sun for a long time now. He throws back the covers and puts on the TV to hear the morning news. Once showered and dressed he heads out of his apartment, down the hallway, and into the elevator. He greets Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Johnson and all three ride down to the Gallery Café where Tina has the coffee brewed, the fruit cut, and the oatmeal hot. There are others already seated at tables chatting about the news of the day as Mr. Clarke makes his breakfast selections and heads to join a friend’s table. Though he has only lived at The Watermark at 3030 Park for less than a year; he has several tables of friends from which to choose a seat. After breakfast and enjoying a second cup of coffee and a light-hearted battle with Mr. Diamond over the latest baseball trade, he looks over the weekly schedule and settles on a late morning exercise class in the Vitality Fitness Center. He is happy he’s able to exercise after rehabbing his injured foot and has made mention to Kayti, the stretch and balance fitness instructor, how much better he’s getting around. It’s Wednesday, which means the Watermark at 3030 Park bus will be taking residents shopping, so he heads back to his apartment to grab a jacket and his reusable shopping tote. Gus, the bus driver, heads to Black Rock Turnpike where he’ll stop at People’s Bank, Shop Rite, CVS Drug Store and Trader Joe’s. Mr. Clarke loves TJ’s dark chocolate covered raisins and the apples are in season now, so he’s looking forward to stocking up his snack supply. Mr. Clarke appreciates that Gus pulls the bus up right to the front of the store, especially this afternoon because it’s raining. What’s best, Gus helps unload the packages upon returning home. Once back in his apartment he puts his groceries away, then heads back to the Gallery Café for lunch. The homemade soups are delicious, and today’s soup is Italian Wedding soup- one of his favorites. He joins Mr. Wolf at an outside table on the patio, because the weather has improved and the 14 acre grounds are especially lovely this time of year. They chat for a bit and then walk over to the auditorium to hear a NY Times bestselling author talk about his latest book. The author holds a Q&A after his talk and then signs copies of his book for those interested, Mr. Clarke grabs a cookie instead. Mr. Clarke returns to his room flips on the TV to check out how the stock market and his favorite baseball team are doing. He notices his apartment was just cleaned, because his housekeeper, Florence, folds his towels in a special way that he likes. He relaxes for a while because he’s meeting his friends for social hour in the W lounge and tonight there’s live entertainment, a piano player he especially enjoys. Dinner was delicious, he chose the fresh fish and with that healthy selection, he felt a little less guilty finishing the “Crème Brule” for dessert. He noticed a movie he wanted to see scheduled to play in the evening, but decides against it because tomorrow is an outing to the Westport Playhouse and he wants to get a good night’s rest. He calls his daughter to tell her about his day and signs off with her feeling grateful her dad is so happy at The Watermark at 3030 Park.