Resident Feature, Anna Kish: Thriving at The Watermark at 3030 Park

August 14 2019
For Anna Kish, now a four-year Watermark at 3030 Park resident in Independent Living, her life continues to have strong commitments, with its emphasis on civil rights and human rights and on social and spiritual values. A child of Polish immigrants, she was the youngest of five siblings. She grew up in Danbury, attending mostly Catholic schools, but graduated from Danbury High. At that point she joined the Sisters of Mercy Order and became a nun (teaching lower elementary school grades). But 19 years later, in a major life turnabout, she would leave the Order, though not her religion. She would find a particular group within the church which shared her views. "Leaving the Convent was an adjustment to an entirely different lifestyle," she recalls. She would find work as a service representative for the telephone company (AT&T), and would subsequently marry Richard Kish, becoming stepmother to his children. Now at The Watermark at 3030 Park, she is indeed a welcome addition. "I like to write, go to the theater, hear music," she says, "and I like to interact and meet new people." Thus she continues to pursue lifelong interests and values and to forge strong friendships. -by Resident Irene Backalenick