Resident Feature, Liz Walsh: Thriving at The Watermark at 3030 Park

October 06 2019
Where to begin to describe the journey of Liz Walsh’s vivid life? This Watermarker was born in a small farming village (Fort Fairfield) in northern Maine, near the Canadian border. She was one of three siblings, but her father was one of ten, well suited to the farming life. The Findlens, of French-Irish origin, dated back to immigration in the 1800's. There were noted ancestors, particularly her grandfather, a state legislator, well regarded throughout the state. As a child, Liz, too, worked on the family’s potato farm and attended a nearby one-room schoolhouse. But on reaching seventh grade, guided by genes or her own inner drive, she demanded a transfer to the town school system, which, she felt, offered more. She would thus graduate with honors and enroll at the University of Maine. After a year, she transferred to Emerson College (where she met her future husband Frank Walsh) and received a degree in speech pathology. Ultimately armed with a master’s degree from Southern Connecticut State College, she would become a pioneer in the newly-emerging field, developing programs and working with children and adults. The Walsh's finally settled in Simsbury, pursuing careers and raising a son, Stephen. Though Liz battled severe illnesses, her profession never faltered. Over a year ago she moved to The Watermark at 3030 Park, to be near her son, his wife, and three grandchildren. Watermark itself has its compensations, she says, in its people and staff. by Irene Backalenick