Love Never Dies

July 29 2018
Each of us have a different vision of the path we will take in life and of what our senior years will look and feel like. Many of us picture ourselves living out our days side by side with the one we love. For many, growing old together is comforting and warm, but for others, life takes a different turn and they find themselves starting over without their love by their side. Supporting seniors through this major life transition in a community-based setting like The Watermark at East Hill is important. There are a lot of lessons to be learned when one has the opportunity to watch couples age together and even more to learn when one passes and the other is left behind. Seniors have a remarkable way of moving forward even though their heart is heavy. Grieving is of course natural and to be expected. Our team grieves too. Yet, through all of the sadness and profound sense of loss, there is a remarkable feeling of gratitude, of recollection, of spirit, and of peace. One realizes in those moments that our work is so much more than the everyday task to be completed. Being able to wrap your arms around a resident when their spouse passes and being able to lend a helping hand makes working in a senior living community so meaningful. Aging is a gift. The stories that are told and the memories that are shared are a treasure. The years spent growing up and growing old together are a blessing. It has been said that it doesn't matter how many years or days or minutes you have together. The love that is given and the love that is felt in the time that is shared is what matters most. Watching the couples who live at The Watermark at East Hill is such a beautiful and rewarding experience because they each have shown and continue to show that aging and dying is inevitable but love never really dies.