The Importance of New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults, Tips from The Watermark at East Hill

January 15 2019
Why do we make resolutions in the New Year?  Resolutions give us purpose and goals. They are meant to help us refocus on what is important in life and make improvements for the coming year. For seniors everywhere including The Watermark at East Hill, making obtainable resolutions is key while simultaneously building up to bigger goals throughout the year. If you haven’t yet thought about your goals, reflect on these top New Year’s resolutions for seniors:
  • Explore New Opportunities--Volunteer your time in your community, whether its reading to someone who is impaired or knitting items for children in need, giving your time to others is a gift.
  • Exercise a Little Everyday--Be Active-keep your body moving!
  • Spend More Time with Friends and Family--Being social is an important part of aging.  Make new friends with common interests or call up an old friend from the past and reconnect.
  • Eat Well--Nutrition is a key to staying healthy and strong in the New Year.
  • Have Fun and Enjoy Life!
Whatever your New Year’s resolution start small and build from there...success will surely be yours in the year ahead.