Weathering A Storm, The Watermark East Hill Way

May 31 2018
It has been said that the difference between success and failure is a great team. The storm from a couple of weeks ago certainly gave the team at The Watermark at East Hill quite the opportunity to demonstrate how true this statement can be. The weather forecast called for severe thunder storms and the team was prepared for a potential power outage. What came next wasn't anything anyone expected. The skies turned almost completely black and the rain came pouring down. Power went out immediately. The winds were strong. Alerts popped up on cellular devices to seek shelter. A tornado was about to touch down. The team at East Hill jumped into action. Resident safety was the first priority and all hands were on deck to account for everyone. The staff soon learned that a tornado ripped through Southbury and the devastation was significant. Our community was spared of any major damage unlike so many of our neighbors. It was a major storm and our hearts go out to all who have been impacted by it. What followed was truly a testament to the good people who work in all departments across East Hill's campus. When faced with adversity, associates demonstrated that resident safety and comfort were and are first and foremost. The team worked around the clock for several days to check in on all residents to ensure everyone received meals while keeping residents engaged and in good spirits on top of communicating consistently and proactively. Offering peace of mind to families and support to residents was the goal and the team really worked hard to achieve it. Weathering a storm together brought out the best in everyone. Despite the inconvenience of the power being out and transportation being nearly impossible due to fallen power lines and trees all around town, residents and associates enjoyed each other's company and laughed a lot. There was a tremendous sense of family and of team spirit as everyone was in it together. Fortunately, power has been restored to almost all of Southbury and the sun is shining once again. Residents are out and about walking outside, dining on our patios, and enjoying each other's is back to normal again. The Watermark at East Hill wishes to thank all associates who worked during the storm and the days that followed. Each associate demonstrated a sincere commitment to our residents and made a difference. What a great team indeed!