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Watermark’s Got Talent

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“What I love is that we’re all stars. It created a new sense of community,” says Jan.

Norm and Jan never planned to audition for – let alone star in – an original musical about finding love on a river cruise. Neither had acted since school, but each found they had the time, opportunity, and guts to give it a try in their encouraging community. The result? Great fun and rave reviews.

In Watermark senior communities, each day is filled with possibilities. You might hit the stage, write stories, make music, or find out what’s so great about yoga. The choices are endless.

Imagine what you could do.


Celebrating the power of the human spirit.

Watermark’s latest campaign, Ageless, shines a spotlight on what sparks the human spirit at any age and the gifts we carry within us for a lifetime. To better explain the Watermark experience, we’ve turned to the experts: our residents. They inspire us as they find ways to realize old dreams and discover new ones at Watermark’s communities. They graciously share personal stories of friendship, laughter, creativity, love, music, traditions, and even some healthy competition on the bocce court. 

One Perfect Day After Another

Following a fast-paced, 42-year career helping create celebrated U.S. postage stamps, Thelma moved to a Watermark community and is more engaged than ever. Thelma takes Watermark University classes. She dines with friends. Today she might work on her putt, tear it up in Zumba, or join the drum circle. Tomorrow? A fun group excursion. Or maybe she’ll go wild and just do nothing. Thelma creates the life she loves, every single day.

Puppy Love and Beyond

It can be awkward when two people fall for the same guy, but not this time. When Leila met Gloria and Marley, a friendship blossomed as they swooned over his goofball antics and lap-warming cuddles. Pets are one beautiful way people connect in Watermark communities – they’re natural icebreakers who open hearts and spread joy.

Free to Be Fabulous

Mary Ann always saw through an artist’s eye. But life’s a busy thing. She did other work yet stayed true to her passion. Moving to a Watermark community allowed her to fill her days doing what she loves. “I don't have to focus on anything else here. That's real freedom.” Now she explores new hobbies, takes classes, and even teaches her own classes.  

Love Is Ageless

For 22 years, Watermark associate Annetta has touched countless hearts with her joyful melodies and compassionate nature. “If I can make their life a little better with a smile, a touch, a song … that could be my purpose,” she reflects. 

Tradition Is Ageless

Thirty years ago, a group of knitters at Watermark noticed local students needed warmer winter clothes. And so, a tradition began. 11,000 handmade sweaters later, they continue to meet weekly and cherish all the photos of kids they’ve helped.

Music Is Ageless

Suzette shared her lifelong passion when she played her ukulele at a Watermark luau. Fellow residents were inspired to form their own ukulele club: talent optional; good cheer universal. “We’re connected when we’re playing. There’s beauty in making music together,” she reflects. 

Laughter Is Ageless

This inseparable pair may seem like childhood pals, but their friendship blossomed the day Barbara moved in. They share a funny bone and enjoy all the community has to offer, attending classes, events, and outings together. “I never thought I’d find my best friend at age 97,” Helen reflects. 

Friendship Is Ageless

John found a new favorite pastime when he teamed up for bocce ball with a retired nurse, scientist, artist, and other fun-first athletes. “It’s easy to make new friends here,” he said, “Knock on any door and an interesting person will answer.” 


Why choose a Watermark community?

In every Watermark community, you’ll find endless amenities, caring experts, and an environment that fosters each person’s growth. Based on 30+ years of leadership in senior living, our approach focuses on what people can do, not what they can’t. Residents find the support, friendship, and connection that help them thrive every day. 


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Questions? Interested in a tour? Want to attend one of our events? 

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