Winter Springs High School Dance Team Teaches Us Their Moves!

October 18 2019
When we said we love to dance, we sure proved it! The Watermark at Vistawilla dedicated an entire week to explore various styles of dance including ballroom, hip-hop, ballet, and salsa, just to name a few. Our residents also learned some new moves using pom poms and hula hoops. As the grand finale of Active Aging Week, our community welcomed the Winter Springs High School dance team to come perform for us! The team consists of 23 dancers, ranging from ninth to twelfth grade. They perform and compete throughout the school year, while attending practice and dance camps during the summer. All of the ladies were excited to perform for our residents, and they even taught us one of their routines during their visit. This intergenerational program brought great fun and energy to all that participated, and it was the perfect way to conclude our active aging celebration!