The Springs Carnival Celebration!

September 20 2019
A red and white striped tent with a yellow ticket sign.
The Fountains at Bronson Place Community Life and Dining Services associates teamed up to plan a special Carnival themed day for our residents on Friday, September 13th. The day was centered around any and all things fun including games, food, and events. We didn't have the perfect day weather-wise, but the show went on! Our residents helped decorate the dining room and the lounge with bright, colorful decor. We enjoyed a delicious fair-inspired lunch and then spent the afternoon playing carnival games. During an intermission, residents actively engaged in exercises with Ken while listening to their favorite music. The weather not being in our favor on Friday was actually a blessing in disguise, as we were able to extend our celebration until Wednesday. Our friends at Beltz Barnyard helped us reschedule our main attraction so we had TWO fun-filled days instead of one! Dori and her daughter Lydia brought their barnyard for us to enjoy and we couldn't have asked for better weather. So many memories and smiles!