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Butterfly Festival Grand Finale!

August 22 2019
A monarch butterfly on a flower.
The Fountains at Greenbriar residents recently visited Powell Botanical Gardens to attend the grand finale of their annual Butterfly Festival, which proved to be a magical experience for all! The endless variety of tropical and domestic butterflies complemented the colorfully vivid flowers within the greenhouse pavilion. We were captivated by the swarming vibrant hues of delicate wings as they gracefully danced across the sky in an orchestrated flight of beauty. Visitors are submersed in a peaceful and meditative environment while given the opportunity to interact with the whimsical butterflies as they feast on nectar from nearby flowers. Residents truly enjoyed the intimate nature of the butterflies, as they would briefly land on us before gently fluttering their wings to greet the next person. Those who attended the botanical garden outing are already talking about next year's Butterfly Festival; this unique experience has become an opportunity for an annual tradition here at Greenbriar. We hope that next year you can spread your wings and join us on this enchanted adventure!