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Spa & Salon

Retreat to Wellness

A little self-care goes a long way.

When you have somewhere to be or someone to see, our spa and salon is just steps from your door. Our specialists help you look and feel your absolute best for family visits, day trips, social engagements, and more. Then again, you can just drop in to make any day a little bit brighter.

Deep tissue massages will help relieve stress and reinvigorate the soul. Ask our wellness practitioners about facial treatments, too. Top it off with a trip to the salon where our beauticians make you look as lovely outside as you’ll feel on the inside.

Sit back, relax, and leave a whole new you. You deserve it.

A resident is having a massage.

Revitalize & Replenish

A full body wellness regimen is the perfect way to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Revitalize your complexion, release unwanted toxins, re-energize your body, and replenish your skin with the benefits of routine massage and body care – all at the hands of qualified wellness professionals.

A resident is having their hair washed at the salon.

Relax & Indulge

Visit our on-site salon for everything from cuts and colors to manicures and pedicures. Tell us what you like, or try a whole new look. Get primped and primed and ready to accept the compliments coming your way.

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We’re happy you’re here.

Fill in the form, or call us at 585-865-0680 to learn more.