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This is the life.

At Legacy at Willow Pond you’re independent but far from alone. You’ll find everything you need to thrive.

When you’re here, you decide how each day unfolds. And we’re here to make sure each one is better than the last. Choose from dozens of classes and workshops guaranteed to pique your interests. One afternoon, you might connect with neighbors and the next strike out on your own path.

Signature Programs

Resident enjoying a woodworking activity.

Something for everyone.

Associates, local experts and community residents all share interests and opportunities to come together to learn, grow and connect as a community. We feature dozens of courses, classes, and workshops with a little something for everyone.

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Go where the wind takes you.

Thrilling adventures await with safe, adapted group outings that defy expectations. From overnight camping trips to hot-air balloon rides and everything in between, the possibilities are endless.

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Hone your mind.

Science-based memory training, delivered in collaboration with the UCLA Longevity Center, helps sharpen your cognitive abilities, enhance your memory habits, and resolve common memory complaints.

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The Neighborhood

Legacy at Willow Pond showers you with good times.

Rekindle that playful spirit, energetic beat, and breathtaking outlook. We can’t even begin to share all the things to do, all the things to see, and the great people you’ll meet here, but rest assured, you’ll have the time of your new life. 

Explore Penfield
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We all need someone at our side, when times are challenging and when they are good, we’re simply better together. Local and national partnerships offer our residents the very best of everything. 


Explore Partnerships
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Embracing diversity in our community. 

Watermark has partnered with SAGECare in order to create a more inclusive and educated community environment. With more than 7 million LGBTQ+ people projected to be 65 or older within the next decade, we are prepared to provide the utmost quality care and welcome LGBTQ+ seniors with open arms.

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We’re happy you’re here.

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Questions? Interested in a tour? Want to attend one of our events? 

Fill in the form, or call us at 585-388-7663 to learn more.