Apples Galore!

September 18 2019
Tis' the season of apples, apples, and more apples! Legacy at Maiden Park chose to cherish the moment by diving head first into some delicious apple treats! Last Sunday, our residents spent the morning washing, peeling, and coring pounds of apples. Secret talents were discovered as we quickly learned that we have a few professional apple peelers in our midst; the process provided endless amusement as some record-length apple peels fell down with one swoop! Our expert bakers added various ingredients to create the apple pie filling before carefully portioning the mixture into the apple pie biscuit cups. The Maiden Park culinary team so kindly baked them for us while we anxiously awaited as the delicious aroma teased our tastebuds. Residents smiled in delight as the freshly baked treats were brought out of the oven... about an hour later, there wasn't a single one left!