Signature Programs

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Your days, designed by you.

We’re happiest when we can shape our lives the way we choose. So we’ve redesigned senior living to help you do just that.

Our Signature Programs keep you active, engaged, and young at heart by opening doors to exciting experiences you’ll love. Dive as deep as you like into your unique interests. Or stretch to embrace new things that capture your imagination.

You take the wheel and set the pace. Try as much or as little as you like. You’re writing the next chapter in the story of your life.

Watermark University

Discover new ways to connect, grow, and learn with an irresistible calendar of Watermark University classes, events, programs, and outings led by our very own residents, associates, and local experts.
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360Well is Watermark's exclusive, integrative wellness program designed to promote overall health and well-being, and rooted in the four key circles of wellness — mind, body, spirit, and community.
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Extraordinary Outings

Extraordinary Outings defy traditional expectations of what’s possible for residents in senior living, stepping beyond the ordinary to create meaningful experiences and joyful, lasting memories.
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Brain Café

Science-based memory training, delivered in collaboration with the UCLA Longevity Center, helps sharpen your cognitive abilities, enhance your memory habits, and resolve common memory complaints.
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Resident Ambassadors

To make your welcome warmer, fellow residents share insider knowledge, make introductions, help you get settled, and share tips for easing into community life.
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