Meet Dick Grushon, Miami University graduate.

November 16 2020
Dick courted his wife, Sally, at Miami University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in 1956 and a Master’s degree in 1958. They married and raised three daughters in Kalamazoo, where Dick worked as an educator and administrator. In their desire to leave the Michigan winters behind, their hearts took them back to Oxford, Ohio. Just shy of their 50th anniversary, an inoperable brain tumor took Sally in her sleep. Dick decided it was time for a change and moved to Pinebrook. He visited multiple communities before deciding on Pinebrook, saying it “ … just seemed to fit the bill for me … It had everything that I wanted and it seemed like – and it is – a very pleasant place to live …” A lifelong Reds fan, Dick cheers on Cincinnati, win, lose or draw. In fact, watching all the professional, college and youth sports his heart desires is a cherished freedom in his new lifestyle. When the home team is away, you can bet Dick is watching on the big screen with his Pinebrook pals. “As you get older, you begin to cherish the free time that you have more and more and so it’s just a relaxing pace, much more relaxed … There is a wide variety of things to do and trips to go on. They frequently take trips to different museums and events around town which is always interesting.” – Dick Grushon, resident of Pinebrook