Meet Hugh and Riona Smith, a fun-loving couple with a delightful scottish brogue.

November 16 2020
Hugh and Riona were married in Scotland and immigrated to New York City in 1967. With a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Glasgow, Hugh enjoyed a career with Sun Chemical while Riona worked as a dietician before becoming an antique dealer, appraiser and gemologist. Together they also pursued Christian leadership. For 27 years, they lived only a few miles from Pinebrook, in a large ranch home on 2.5 acres. Regardless of the size of your move, the result is worth it, Just ask Riona and Hugh – having been antique dealers, their home and basement were filled with items they had to get rid of to downsize into their two-bedroom apartment. Riona took to eBay to sell her collection of more than 750 books on antiques, followed by a three-day yard sale. They had plenty of help and in the end, it was worth it because now they are situated where they want to be and all that work is behind them. Since moving in, they are greatly relieved of home and yard maintenance and they feel secure knowing that with Assisted Living available on site, they can remain together regardless of what the future holds. “So we came here before we needed to come and because our house, we had a lovely long ranch house and two-and-a-half acres and there was upkeep to it. You know, eventually we had a gardener come to cut the grass and mulch and weed and trim the bushes … It dawned on us, you know, there so many things attached to having property that either we have to do or to hire people to do it that this sounded very appealing. We’re both very active and we enjoy people so this was a good choice and we’re so glad we made it.” – Riona Smith, resident of Pinebrook