Meet Yvonne Herbold. Her foresight, planning and courage made her first move her best move.

November 16 2020
A 75-year resident of the Cincinnati suburb of Mt. Healthy, Yvonne worked for a publishing company there by day and cared for her aging parents by night. When she was at work, a caregiver saw to their needs. Her dad passed away at 89 and her mom at 94. Yvonne’s mother had lost both legs due to poor circulation, eventually requiring 24-hour nursing care. Having realized how much her mother’s life blossomed in that nursing environment, she decided that she’d entertain the option of a community setting for herself when the time came. People talk about their move to a retirement community being their last move but imagine if it was your first move! Yvonne Herbold lived 75 years in the same house where she grew up. Never married and an only child, she started exploring her options and discovered Pinebrook early on. That first step led to the first – and best – move for her life. Yvonne’s cousins convinced her to visit the community, and even though it was on the other side of town, it was love at first sight. She immediately figured she couldn’t afford it but with some easy calculations and encouragement from her financial adviser, she overcame that hurdle. She also worried she might be too young but she moved in anyway, and is convinced she came at exactly the right time. She’s happy not having to worry about home repairs, lawn mowing or food shopping and she finds plenty of time to dine and play cards with friends. “I came to Pinebrook and it was the best decision I ever made.” – Yvonne Herbold, resident of Pinebrook