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Extraordinary Outing to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park!

September 27 2019
A group of zebras drinking from a pond.
Blue Bell Place residents recently set out on an exciting adventure to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park for an unforgettable safari tour! We enthusiastically boarded the safari bus and ventured on an interactive, scenic drive on over 150 acres of land. As we took in the beauty of our surroundings, our tour guide educated us about various animals and their habitat. Throughout our journey, we were delighted to see a wide variety of wildlife including giraffes, zebras, Texas longhorns, llamas, cows, emus, and many others. Residents were pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the animals, as several came right up to the bus to let us feed and pet them. Following our safari excursion, we enjoyed a reptile exhibit show where we learned all about cold-blooded creatures and even had the chance to pet a baby alligator! We can all agree that it was an extraordinary day spent with extraordinary people!