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Pacific Regent Bellevue Knits Bird Nests for Rehabilitating Birds

April 24 2019
two people smiling while knitting
When it comes to helping others, the residents of Pacific Regent are often the first helping hands. When they were met with an article about a bird rescue facility that was in need of crocheted or knitted nests for rehabilitating birds, they were instantly responsive.

The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Group in North Carolina needed help! The call for nests says "...the homemade nests will serve as a safe haven for rescued birds at the Indian Trail located rescue center."

A few of our residents and one friend from a neighboring retirement community stepped up and made about a dozen nests! They look like knitted hats for infants. They are adorable and well-made. We are hoping they will serve many sweet little birdies as they get some much needed rest and recuperation. If you are interested in making a nest for this wonderful group in need, click here to learn more.