Study Confirms Senior Living Residents are Happier

We’ve known it all along, and now there’s proof: Older adults who live in retirement communities are happier than those who live elsewhere.

More than 3,900 people over age 50 were surveyed in the United Kingdom about their living arrangements and life satisfaction. The survey found that 55% of senior living residents reported a higher quality of life than they had a year prior. Only 19% of nonresidents reported a higher quality of life.

Furthermore, 10% of residents said their health had improved since they moved into a retirement community. At Watermark, we offer convenient access to health care, fun exercise classes, and safe places to work out and walk.

Overall, senior living residents feel more secure and less lonely than those living outside a retirement community. They also reported feeling more in control of their lives.

When asked to rate their experiences in the week before the survey, 70% of residents reported that they “often enjoyed life,” whereas only 48% of nonresidents said the same. Residents also reported much more social interaction with friends, family and other people than those who did not live in a community. They spent more time trying new activities and exercising. The survey makes it clear that living in a retirement community helps people thrive.

The survey was performed by ProMatura, a global market research firm specializing in the 50+ demographic. The results were reported in McKnight’s Senior Living, which concluded:

“Retirement community residents also were two to five times more likely than nonresidents to participate in activities such as social events, trying new things, getting together with friends, eating with other people, exercising and spending more time with family than they had in the past.”

Read the entire article by Mallory Hackett here.

We see these results played out every day in Watermark communities. When people make a decision to embrace their options, they often choose a richer, fuller life at a retirement community. It makes perfect sense that an improved quality of life will follow.

Our residents have the freedom and opportunity to explore new interests or strengthen existing passions with fun activities, events and Watermark University classes. We always have something going on, and we welcome guests to participate with our residents. After all, the more we enjoy life together, the more we thrive.

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