Thanks for Making a Difference

As we continue to navigate this challenging time, millions of people across America are rising above and pulling together to keep each other healthy and safe. They’re making sacrifices for each other by staying home and adhering to social distancing guidelines, and they’re showing kindness and strength in the most thoughtful, inspiring ways.

To show their appreciation, residents at Watermark Retirement Communities nationwide recorded special thank-you messages (in accordance with social distancing guidelines) for loved ones, friends, fellow citizens and all the front-line workers, including caregivers, health care professionals and first responders, who are doing all they can to keep us happy, healthy and safe.

On behalf of Watermark communities nationwide, we hope you’ll enjoy this heartfelt message from our residents. We’re all grateful to our dedicated caregivers, talented associates, front-line workers and everyone else who is doing their part.

Stay healthy and well, everyone. Remember, we’re all in this together, and we’ll get through this together.

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