The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Did you know one of the oldest known valentines was a poem written in 1415 by Charles Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was imprisoned? From this somber beginning blossomed the tradition of Valentine’s Day greetings. By the middle of the 18th century, exchanging small tokens of affection or handwritten notes was common. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find greeting cards, e-cards, texts, videos and more ways to connect.

This Valentine’s Day, we remind you to take a moment and connect with your family, friends and neighbors through the art of the written word. That feeling you get when you find an envelope addressed to you is like nothing else. Who wouldn’t enjoy the thrill of receiving mail on a day for love and friendship, especially a young family member who may not often experience the thrill of a letter or card just for them?

This is a perfect opportunity to share some love, connect and strengthen relationships. Whether by mail or a more modern form of communication, the young people in your life benefit greatly from a connection with you. Family and friends may be just as surprised by a note of any kind, and you can surprise a local organization or business with a thank-you note explaining how much you love and appreciate what they do.

To your family, you could share your wisdom and life lessons with tales of the good old days or news about your life today. A record of your family history is a priceless keepsake to treasure. If you’re at a Watermark retirement community, share all the ways you thrive and invite them to join you if they live locally.

Handwritten letters are rare these days, as communication has evolved to be faster and more “touch of a button” through email, Facebook, video chats and text messages. Through these means of connecting, we can converse electronically in real time, enjoying messages and photos to stay in touch. While the younger generation has much to learn and gain from good old-fashioned letter writing, there’s a lot they can teach us, as well.

If you’re excited to learn more about electronic communications and need some help, look no farther than your local Watermark community. Watermark University catalogs often include classes on how to use social media and the latest in technology, including iPads and smartphones, and even better, they are free to anyone to attend.

No matter who you chose to write to, what you write about or how you send it, the recipient is sure to love receiving your letter in the mail, text message or email this Valentine’s Day and all the days to come.

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