She centers body, mind, and spirit.

She centers body, mind, and spirit.

Judy H., age 76

I become more aware every day of the privilege of living a long life. I know so many who will never reach my seasoned age of 76. I am glad to be me. 

Since my "retirement" almost 2 years ago, I have reconnected with my love of spinning my own yarn and knitting artful pieces with it. Thanks to the COVID lockdown, I have learned the ways of Zoom and meet every week with 4 other women with the same fiber addiction.

Once the summer tourist season is over and one can again park along Ocean Road, you will likely find me knitting in the car with the window open, taking in the ocean air.

There are quotation marks around retirement because I retired from 25 years of being a massage therapist, but now I work on local clients whom I have seen for 10 years or more at home. So my social life comes to me and provides a motivation to stay on top of my strength training.

It feels good to be in this last chapter of life and still enjoying vibrant health and the support of a strong community of friends and family. As a friend of mine puts it, “Happy to be tall enough to go on this ride.”